Its a Station Wagon.

Also, I am totally going to a wedding this weekend, so no new updates until Monday, when I'll post all the sketches for the missing days. Laters!


vynsane said...

balls1. no doubt.

reminds me of my friend who claimed to have broken the "station wagon barrier" - they were increasing speed in the family truckster and the shaking and rattling increased in ratio until they hit 80mph, where all vibration suddenly stopped. they had reached the "station wagon barrier".

true story.

Kevo said...

Dude, that's my favorite Batman Villain ever!

Seriously though, you are very good at drawing.

Jeannette said...

i dont get it, you just post all your awesome drawings up here and everyone gives you compliments?

what a stupid idea.

Steve Schwartz said...

have fun at Tony's wedding!

cory j walker said...

family truckster

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

My mothers use to have Wood paneling. Rulzor!

Anonymous said...

I have to show this to a friend who is obsessed with wagons. He used to have a big red country-squire that was an absolute tank.
Great stuff!


Chris said...

I used to get to drive my family station wagon to high school and Walgreens (where I worked). Thanks for the mammories.