Hi guys,

I don't have a sketch for you today. Or have had sketches for you for many, many days...

These days I've been playing catch up with myself trying to draw Brit #7 without getting behind so that, once my run starts, I'm not lagging behind or late. This has given me less than no time for sketchblogging, sadly. I will try posting more stuff in the future, but the DAILY aspect of the blog has left. But thats okay, right? Something is better than nothing. ...right?

In any case, I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still alive and kicking and there should be some stuff to see here soon. ALSO, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew this:

Alan Tew has a sketch blog.

Alan Tew is one of the best damn artists in the world whose work is criminally under-exposed and is one of my all-time favorites. I saw his website back in the day and scoured over every one of the pages of sketches he posted and wished I could be as good as him one day. Then, he updated his site less and less frequently until he stopped completely. I had the fortune to meet him at Comicon a couple years ago and tell him how grand I thought he was and how sad I was to see his site die, and he drew a Hector Plasm sketch for me and I basically just shat. It was completely awesome (perhaps I post it!).

So, his blog is here, and over in my links section. Go scope it out and kneel before his greatness.

That is all (for now).


rico said...

I didn't know Alan had a blog, thanks a lot for the heads up! He drew me about a hundred Batgirl sketches about a hundred years ago, he is truly awesome!

Anonymous said...

Good to know you are still alive and running!

WyA said...

You love the Tew too! Cool, yeah Alan is awesome, as a person and his art. I'm always bugging him at draw nights to teach me what he knows. Especially the way he lays down a face, it's great. I also hope to be that good someday.

j_ay said...

Thanks for the Tew link.
And yes, of course, sometimes posts are wayyyyy better than nuthin. So feel free to share whenever you have the desire.
Tap Cory on the shoulder and let him know the same. Please.

Looking forward to Brit.

Dan Larson said...

Holy cow! I used to look at Alan Tew's work all the time. I was recently thinking to myself: "Whatever happened to that guy?"

But I couldn't remember his name. I can't believe you posted this.

Very cool.

ornitorrincoman said...

Good blog,
good work,
keep drawing

and thanks for the link!!

ozzy said...

It's been brought to my attention that EarthBound/Mother 2 villain Carpainter was included in the second Atom Eve issue you drew, and I can only assume that you snuck it in there.

SO AWESOME. I love that game sooooooooooooooooooo much. ^_^ Thanks for including that little piece of greatness in the comic. :D

Oscar Padilla said...

Yeah, Alan is one of the best anatomy artists ever. I love checking out his stuff to get inspired. As sad as it is to know you won't be updating as often it's good to know you will be busy. BTW, you still owe me a copy of Hector Plasm, haha.