Kicking ass and taking commissions and selling pages... and I'm, uh. Out of bubblegum?

Howdy guys,

Just want to give you guys over here in Bletchskog land that I'm finally for the first time in a millions of years taking commissions. I'll only be doing a handful for the present, and will be taking more once those are taken care of, so if you want something now its first come, first served! Run, don't walk! Trample the bodies of the slow and feeble!

I am also looking to sell the SHEEYIT out of some original artwork pagey pages, so those are available if you're interested too.

Hop over to this livejournal entry for a lot more details, include a full list of page prices and my email contact.

Sic semper emptor! Or something!

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Peter Alger said...

Hey Nate, please can i get on your list...? I'm in work at the moment, so this and the image boards are the only way i can currently contact you.