Business Time Invincible is back. Because its Business Time. Also because the other one was quite shittay.


Endresen Evans said...


Chris said...

A superhero punching the clock! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

maxime said...

wow ! Nate !
i just found out about your work while taking my daily "project rooftop" pause and looking for new artists, and i am totally liking your take on invicible.
now, i'm strolling along the other pages of your blog (which it seems, is somehow echoing cory walker's one) and, well, that discovery totally makes my day
thanks for the art !

maxime said...

... now feeling completely stupid as i find out that you're the pencil behind the mini "Invicible Presents : Atom Eve & Rex Plode", which i bought, read and loved !

Mr. A said...

If you haven't heard business time by flight of the conchords, I demand that you do. This drawing is a fantastic take on invincible.