Just a reminder to everyone that I still am selling pages from Loaded Bible, Atom Eve, Brit, and Rex Splode (sorry, no Hector) if anyone is interested. Just send a message along down to fetorpse on old gmail street about any pages you'd want and I'll let you know if its available. *Spoiler alert* Basically all of them are available.


Nate Bellegarde said...

Also I have been pretty slow on sending stuff out in the past and that shit is over with! I'm sending these babies out the week they're paid for from here on out! Whoo!

Chris said...

You should sell these sketches! Or sell a simple ashcan of all the sketches! I'd buy one.

Dav said...

That little tentacle bit on the end of his mechanical arm is SO much creepier than the standard claws. Gah! I shudder every time I look at it.

Fantastic drawing, btw, despite my revulsion.

Sketchmasterskillz said...

This is SO COOL, your kick ass sketches never cease to amaze me! This Doc Oc looks sick and is one of my new favorites, keep it up man!

Calvin V said...

I'm so amazed by this design. Making the octopus arms actually look like octopus arms is genius, the only problem is I don't think it fits in as well with doc ocks origin. I just cant imagine a scientist making metal arms that look exactly like tentacles. But on the other hand it's just such a cool idea I would rewrite the origin to fit around the design.

Popculturesculptor said...

I agree with Calvin!
Definitely would rewrite it jus to get the design in the marvel 'canon'