Hey guys!

I have recently discovered that this excruciating pain and growing lump on my wrist is a ganglion cyst! I've had this pain for years but only recently has the lump appeared and the pain become so much of a problem, so I should probably have it drained. The only problem is that I can't really afford the procedure, however much they will gouge me for. So I am here to say, if you have ever wanted to buy a print, or some original art from any comic I've drawn, now would be a really great time. You can, of course, still purchase Hector Plasm prints on the sidebar to the right. If you don't have Paypal, we can make arrangements if you email me. Also, you can email to inquire about any pages you are interested in. My email address is fetorpse@gmail.com
How do I drained cyst???
Thanks a bunch, dudes and dudettes!


Oscar Padilla said...

Ouch, man. If feels like it looks then that's gotta be pretty painful. It's not your drawing hand is it?

Donal DeLay said...

My sister-in-law had the same thing. She was able to get it drained at a free clinic. Try that.

Jeff Hebert said...

I had the exact same thing a few years back on my drawing hand, and it really does hurt. When I went to my family GP, a really old-school guy, he went on for a bit and finally just looked at me and said, "Do you own a Bible or a big thick dictionary?"

"Um, yes ... ?"

"Then put your hand on a hard table with good support, and whack the hell out of that thing with that big thick book."

So I went home and did exactly that, popping the cyst to immediate relief. It comes back every year or so, and if it gets to hurting too much I either whack it again with a book, or just squeeze it with my left hand till it pops.

Gross, but cheap and effective.

Nate Bellegarde said...

Oscar- Its in my left hand, but I have to wear a brace to keep it straight otherwise it hurts.

Donal- I apparently don't qualify for any of the local free clinics.

Jeff- I looked into that, and aside from it being completely unappealing and temporary, it may not work if the casing on the cyst is too hard, which comes with age and I've totally had this thing for at least six years.

John F. Green said...

Hi, I came across your blog. Cool work! I too have a ganglion cyst, on my left hand.

I asked my doctor about it a while back. She said that it would have to be removed from the joint, for it not to come back. But because it doesn't bother me, I opted not to, its just weird when i bend my hand.

Draining it doesn't get rid of it completely. She mentioned the bible thing, but also immobilization and heat will help. She said the fluid in the cyst is an oil that when built up turns to wax, like a sebaceous cyst. and that applied heat will help "melt" overtime.

Chris said...

Smash it with a book.

adler said...

mine disappeared by itself with time. it comes back once every couple years, but doesn't hurt as much as the first time.