Post-Boston Comic Book Con Post

Well the Boston Comic Book Con has come and gone and it was pretty awesome. I got to see alla my favorite comic pals and met a few guys I only knew on the internet. The above picture pretty much sums up the whole ordeal. But I know what you are interested in, you just want me to shut up and post the sketches I drew at the show, right? Sheesh.

Captain and Mary Marvel


Donald Ferguson

Hector Plasm

Blood Puking Zombie

Hipster Flash


Michael Pfeffer said...

Hipster Flashes tattoos crack me up, also his hipster beard.

Pete said...

Love what you did with the Brit sketch!!!!

Pete said...

I always thought you were a skinny white guy!
Actually... do you know you look a little bit like Mr.T?

Logan said...

I already love to hate hipsterflash.