Hooray! Look here are my cool dude prints, and on the right side of this blog page are the buttons you need to smash on if you want to get some of them for whatever reason you may have!

Here are some important details.

Two Face: 11x8.5 inches, non-glossy, run of 200
X-Ladies: 11x8.5 inches, yes-glossy, run of 100

These are what remains of those sold at SDCBC this year. Both are suitable for framing or keeping condensation from your drink glasses from getting on the nice finish of the tables in your house! If you would like to order more than one print, please do so by making separate orders through button smashes. Your orders will come in and I will see that some dude at the same address and name as another dude ordered another print and I will refund you the shipping cost that you have been doubly slammed with.