Nowhere Men?

Everything you wanted to know about Nowhere Men's delays but were afraid that you weren't asking loudly or frequently enough about.


Please feel free to repost this link, or even take the entirety of its contents and put it up somewhere else, I would appreciate any help to spread this around. Thanks, everyone. 


Eoin Barclay said...

Hey man I've been a fan of yours for well over ten years (possibly longer). I spent many a day in school doodling fetorpse and that disgustingly fun umbical cord and have copies of nearly all of your comic work to date! You've been an inspiration to me since I knew you as akira x on penciljack.com and you continue to inspire me. Looking forward to seeing you continue to grow!
Im actually chuckling now remembering a panel involving the devil saying "he kicked me in the bellezeballs" or words to that effect! Your work sticks in the mind man, it's very much appreciated!

Gayle said...

Hi Nate,

I'm sorry to hear of all of your problems, depression I feel is something not a lot of people truly understand, it can take you to very dark places and I'm so glad to hear that you're on treatment and are starting to manage your life around this terrible illness. There is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can't always see it.
Myself with many I'm sure will be there to buy Nowhere Men as well as any other work your produce once you get to the right place, whether it be in months or years, your work speaks for itself no matter the wait.

All the best,

pandoble said...

bottom line, dude: nowhere men is great. we want more. so do you. period.

Madhuvidya said...

Artists throughout history have had the same struggle. The way to overcome it is to make art every single day. Put the mind aside. DRAW.

CARLOS P. said...

Hello Nate, i am looking for a piece of Nowhere Man, maybe you can help me to get it.
Thanks from Spain.
Carlos P.

Das Haaff said...

Hey man,

You drew me the Riddick request I made. Based on the comments above it sounds like you're dealing with some stuff. I hope things get better for you if they haven't already, and sorry if my impatient harassment for my drawing I requested came at a bad time, I just wanted it badly! I've wondered for a while if the 'sad' tag on the drawing was something, at the risk of sounding like I think I'm the centre of the universe, apologies if it was about my impatient message I left.

David Richard said...

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