Continuing on in the series, sort of! This is Platadoom, who I had no part in actually designing or anything. He appears in the Emperor's throne room, but only as a reference to his appearance in Brit #4. So technically, yeah, he is an alternate universe character, but I am mostly posting him to bring attention to what I think is the funniest joke from the series that I'm sure went completely unnoticed.

In Brit #4, mercenary-or-something Bent Franklin fights his way through an armada of jetpack mounted hammerhead sharks and buzzsaw brained monkey borgs to destroy the giant Platadoom. It instead turns out to be just another Platadoombot. A villainous giant monotreme is funny enough but that wasn't even Platadoom. It was his decoy and he's off in some lair cackling about how they'll never get him. Amazing.