Having a bad week and its only Tuesday.

Here is Monstrous Girl. This version of Monster Girl has used her powers so much that she has become a brainless gargantuan ogre--permanently. Nothing more than a savage beast, she has been brutalized into subservience by her master, Atom Shiva.

Beyond making her a twisted far-gone version of Monster Girl, I wanted to visually convey that she is only a dumb animal in her appearance since she appears only so briefly. Though some of the scars she's covered in are from past battles, the majority are from Shiva. I tried to show this in the panel where Atom Shiva addresses Monstrous Girl and her reaction is recoiling in fear. Probably too subtle, but eh. Oh, also, since the fight isn't shown "on screen," she was defeated by Wolf-Man and Britney teaming up to brain her with her own massive club (it would be too heavy for one of them).

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Elliot said...

i like your ideas on past kirkman characters. They're creative and they work well..