Happy Hectorween!

Good day to you, laddies and ladettes! Here above these words you can scope out a neat Hector Plasm print! The first ever! Have you been bonering for a print or something? Cause I have heard your boners and look what it has wrought. Anyway, there are 200 of these puppies, and they are on cardstock and are super slick and glossy and shiny and smooth to touch on. They are available for purchase! Woah! If you want to make sure you get yours before Halloween, you should totally act now so that I can ship it out early in the week. You can find a button to get you one right over here ----> on the sidebar to your right, right under my ugly, stupid face. It will be up there until they are all gone! Also there is a button right here! WOAH.

Hector Plasm 2010 Halloween Print
-Drawn by Nate, colored by Jacob
- Signed and numbered
- 11 x 17
- Glossy cardstock
- Suitable for bragging
$5 Shipping and fondling

I hope you guys like it, and I hope you all have a good ass Halloween and do costumes and pumpkins and worship Satan.


Nate Bellegarde said...

First person to buy one gets a special secret gift! What will it be? WHO KNOWS.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy one, if the special secret gift is more pages!

Tanoshiboy said...

Great print. By the way I love this line... "Cause I have heard your boners and look what it has wrought".

If that doesnt sell prints, I don't know what will.