Emission statement

I guess I am going to try and focus this sketch blog on SKETCHES. YEAH. Cory does a swell job of posting a lot of finished looking drawings and that is just what he does because he is so handsome and cool. But it is not my strong suit I don't think. So the pressure to make stuff that looks as good as that is enough to deter posting anything at all most days. SO! I am just going to post whatever doodles and sketches I have laying around, or whatever I did, no matter if they are for something in the works, or just some brain farts that happened. So here are a couple.

These are Teddy and Edison from Bully Pulpit in a theoretical pixel form. For a future video game I like to dream about. The second one is Invincible with a melty stroke face.


Alessandro Echevarria said...

I LOVE melty stroke face so much.

Enrique Rivera said...

DO IT! Allways loved your sketches dude.