The Outsiders

These are some design sketches for DC Fifty-Too that I did back when it was starting. An interminable deluge of work and life prollems prevented these from ever being used, but they would have been some of the members of a new version of the Outsiders led by Jimmy Olsen. I am still planning to do a finished piece with all of them, and hope to do more completed sketches of each character.

Hopefully this will be the return to regular postings. If I don't have anything new to post I'll at least post some old stuff I haven't posted before.

Mad props to my broseph, Benito Cereno for helping thinktank the lineup for the team. And you haven't even seen all of them!



I would definitely pick up this book especially if you were doing the art!

j_ay said...


Andrew said...

These are awesome!

Love the Thunderbolt.
Were you envisioning Jimmy Olsen as being the new Johnny Thunder!?
"Jimmy Thunder?"
That would be sweet.
Don't hate me if I've assumed too much.

I can't tell who the girl with the otters is, but she and Mary marvel and both fantastic. Your female characters here are excellently represented.

You put a lot of personality into your characters. You also have a great way of making designs streamlined and classic-looking, yet totally modern, without being overly dated.

I would love to buy this book.

This would be better than 80% of the new 52.

Otters! : )

TORY said...

oh heck yes...:)

Anonymous said...

so, lemme see...
Jimmy Olsen
Thunderbolt (love the Jimmy Thunder idea from Andrew)
Deep Blue? (so the filename says) Aquaman's half-sister ain't she?
Hornblower (Mal Duncan?)
Phantom Lady (which one?)
Mary Marvel!
Atomic Knight (Grayle?)

This is one strange crew, dude. Kinda dig it.