Request: Elongated Man

Here is the stretchiest detective in town, Elongated Man, at Michael Solko's request. He was pretty cool to draw.

So, I know what you are thinking, you're thinking whoa how do I, a simple farmer, get a fancy big shot artist, who lives in a house with running water and the like, to draw a thing I decide? The answer couldn't be simpler! Check out these simple rules and have at the button on the sidebar!


Rafa Rivas said...

Ok, I have a request. But I need to make sure it's possible. The Elongated Man (JLU uniform but JLI "EM" logo) rescuing Sue from a very Price-sque Egghead at Union Square Park. She's held at gunpoint (a 50s type of "alien" laser gun), but instead of looking worried, she has a "my hero" sort of dreamy expression. She wears something inspired by "That Girl", "Down With love", Mary Tyler Moore very fashionable clothes, but if you manage to throw in nice curves and some cleavage it would be better. Ralph has a winning smile and his JLU type of hair. Watching crowd is optional, but there has to be a Westie barking at Egghead or biting his leg. I don't own a credit card, just debit. After you publish, I'll ink. In the meantime, I'll blog about your blog.

Rafa Rivas said...

Forgot to mention, my e-mail is rafarivas@gmail.com.
You can also contact me at my blog http://ralphdibnytheworld-famouselongatedman.blogspot.mx/