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Well, if anyone is still coming here, I apologize. I said I was going to start posting more, but instead I went and got behind on Brit and have been catching up ever since! I suck! Don't take two week vacations when you're supposed to be drawing, thats the lesson I learned.

SO. What I'm going to do, instead of drawing NEW things for this blog, I am totally converting this daily-turned-failed-regular sketchblog into a PRODUCTION sketchblog. Whuh?

Well, you may or may not have picked up the 2 issue mini series I did with Benito Cereno called Invincible presents: Atom Eve, if not, hop to. People have been asking when the series is going to be collected and the short answer is never. The long answer? Its only 40 or so pages of comic, you can't put that in a trade, most 48 page comics are saddle stitched. So, if there are ever any more Invincible Presents series, it will get rolled into the trade those are all collected in. And when will that ever be? Too long for my attention span and too long for YOU.

As you may or may not know, trade paperbacks include a lot of behind the scenes sketches that are all sorts of fun for people to check out. The problem is that out of the five or six issues collected, there are only like ten pages for sketches, and those ten pages would only fit 5% of the sketches I did JUST for the two issues of Atom Eve.

So we're faced with two bowel-loosening problems: Too many sketches, and too long to wait. The solution: I'll be putting the sketches up here ALONG with my own rambling and ranting about what you're seeing, and hopefully, the dear Benito Cereno will be running writer's commentary and/or annotations concurrently on his blog for the FULL ASS EXPERIENCE. You could fill a book with all the behind the scenes crap we are going to fill your faces with, but you know what? Save the trees. Save the trees, skip books and go straight to blogs. Which, if you check back far enough, don't expend any valuable resources whatsoever. Mana, they run on mana.

So, a few times a week, whenever I can spare the time to type out some garbage, I'll be posting sketches and designs and thumbnails and even deleted scenes, starting from the earliest concepts to page layouts. All of this is going to be heavy on spoilers, so seriously, if you don't have a copy of the Atom Eve mini, go get one. You'll have a little time before it gets into the danger territory, so you'll be okay if you order it now.

By the time I get through the Atom Eve story, I'm sure my issues of Brit will be shipping, so I'll start doing the same type of thing for THOSE books as they come out. The first post will be within a week, honest! So fill your skins with Entdraught and pack your Lembas cause its gonna be an adventure!

Tell your friends and enemies who are kept closer than friends!



Hi guys,

I don't have a sketch for you today. Or have had sketches for you for many, many days...

These days I've been playing catch up with myself trying to draw Brit #7 without getting behind so that, once my run starts, I'm not lagging behind or late. This has given me less than no time for sketchblogging, sadly. I will try posting more stuff in the future, but the DAILY aspect of the blog has left. But thats okay, right? Something is better than nothing. ...right?

In any case, I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still alive and kicking and there should be some stuff to see here soon. ALSO, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew this:

Alan Tew has a sketch blog.

Alan Tew is one of the best damn artists in the world whose work is criminally under-exposed and is one of my all-time favorites. I saw his website back in the day and scoured over every one of the pages of sketches he posted and wished I could be as good as him one day. Then, he updated his site less and less frequently until he stopped completely. I had the fortune to meet him at Comicon a couple years ago and tell him how grand I thought he was and how sad I was to see his site die, and he drew a Hector Plasm sketch for me and I basically just shat. It was completely awesome (perhaps I post it!).

So, his blog is here, and over in my links section. Go scope it out and kneel before his greatness.

That is all (for now).