Request: Aquaman

This request comes from Julia Sevin who asked for my version of Aquaman I did for Project Rooftop.

If you want to make a request you can just hit the button on the sidebar --> Make sure you read the guidelines here before you do, so you can join the ranks of all the awesome ladies and gents that told me what to do.


Request: Ron Swanson

Mike Rapa requests he who succumbs, the glorious Ron Swanson, and I deliver it unto him!

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Request: Glory

Steven Mangold requested that I draw something awesome. I just finished reading Glory #23 and hot damn is it awesome!

One time I requested a sketch from someone and instead of a sketch I got a slap right in my face! Make sure that doesn't happen to YOU by checking out request guidelines in here!

Request: Me

Chris Piers wanted a drawing of me sperming myself in the pants and that's what he gets!

If you want to request a sketch of something worse than this, you'd probably need to see this post first.

Request: Shade the Changing Man

This request is Shade the Changing Man from Kimberly deMalpertuis. Thanks!

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Request: Sapphire Stagg

This request is from Chris Sims who asked for the one and only Sapphire Stagg. Thanks, Chris!

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Request: Daryl Dixon

Today's request is from Joel Carroll who requested that I draw whatever I felt like and dang it I just felt like drawing the best character in the Walking Dead show, Daryl. Thanks, Joel!

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Request: Butterfly!

Hey guys, I have some news! I have set up a sort of tip jar over on the sidebar -> where if you send five bucks my way you can request a sketch to appear on this here blog. BUT I guess there are probably gonna have to be some rules just so things go smoothly.

- Keep it simple, name a character you want, or a thing, or a situation (Superman ripping open a safe, for example)
- I won't do your own personal character mainly because it is too much work. I don't mind googling a character for reference, but if it involves a model sheet and a list of their powers and their backstory, blahhh.
- You don't get a copy of the drawing or anything physical outside of the warm satisfaction of knowing I was the marionette to your puppetmaster and was powerless against you. Also I will mention that the request was your's so that everyone will know how much of a glowing, radiant, generous person you are!
- OBVIOUSLY no offensive requests will be honored. I will probably email you to ask for something else, or if I can't be arsed I'll just send back your 5-spot. I like violence and boobs as much as the next guy, but don't be stupid about it.
- If you like the sketch you get, share it! Tweet, tumbl, share, reblog, livejournal, reddit it, do whatever it is you do. This is not a rule really, but it is greatly appreciated.

I think that should cover things for now. All you have to do is type in your request in the blank form provided and click buy now. If anything screws up I will contact you and we will straighten it out. Sketches will be done in the order they are requested, and I will try my darnedest to post one a day. If a list starts to pile up I will probably shut down the button for a bit until I can catch up. If there is anything I have missed or any questions just ask in the comments.

To kick the whole thing off, today's request from a real sweetheart, Dean Trippe, who asked me to draw Butterfly even before I had this thing set up! What a guy!


Now that I am done with the X-Men thing I am gonna do those Outsiders drawings I had mentioned, so I am kicking it off with one I did not show, Metamorpho! Of course he is in the Outsiders.


Uncanny X-Men

Here is all the X-Mans stuck together into one picture just for convenience. Who can stand clicking on so many mouses or phones in THIS day and age?!



There we go. Feels good to get these off my chest.


As appealing as the naked snowman with booties look IS, I couldn't help but also impruin Iceman here.



I fixed/screwed up Beast too. I see a pattern emerging!


Jean Grey

Hey nobody asked for it so I went ahead and fixed/ruined Jean Grey too.