Bad news, Everyone!

It turns out I will not have any kind of neat screenprints available at the show. Screenprinting is HARD. And messy. Maybe sometime in the future we will see maybe perhaps.

The good news, check out these babies.

You can snag these as magnets for the time being, and at some point I may be able to do them as prints. Who can say!


Boston Comic Book Con

Check it out, friends and friendettes, I will be attending the illustrious Boston Comic Book Con and I will actually have a table! Thats right, history is being made as I have finally, actually paid for a table with my own name on it at a comic book convention. I will be stationed next to a swell group of guys, whom you may all know from their work on various Robert Kirkman comics, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, and Ransom Getty! To celebrate the occasion I will have all kind of fun, noodley shit to sell! Here is a list of things I am planning to have a the table.

Some of everything I've done, not sure if I'll have Eve & Rex trades though.
Not only will I be bringing the Hectorween prints nobody wanted, I'll have Hipster Big Barda prints for the first time ever--AND--one of a kind hand-screenprinted GLOW IN THE DARK Hector Plasm posters.
Little ones you pin on your jacket and shit! I will have sets and some singles and they include Hector Plasm and Deep Fried Monkey.
-Icebox Magnets!
Man will I ever have magnets for you to stick on metal objects! The picture above is an example of a couple of the designs I'll have.
-I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something!
But thats probably all there is.

Everything left over from the convention will be available to purchase online, either here or some online store thing I will set up. So don't fret if you can't make it to the show and are interested in snagging something. If this stuff works out, I will be able to make it to more shows in the next year, and (fingers crossed) put out a for reals sketchbook!

ALSO: Guys, look at the website for this convention, look at who is going to be there. Look at that damn list. You can't possibly be coming to it for me, but look at all the reasons for you to go! Its gonna be a hoot!

Hope to see you there!

Allston, MA store signing!

Hey guiz! Have you ever wanted to go to a (legitimately pretty awesome) comic store and get stuff signed by the least noteworthy, most irrelevant Invincible (periphery) artists?!


Come to the New England Comics in Allston (part of Boston), Ma. and 4pm on Friday, April 29th, 2011 and your dreams will come the hell true. Join Ransom Getty and myself as we take you through a magical land of clammy handshakes and Sharpie marker fumes! I hear that maybe snacks will be there, and I think maybe some live music???

You might be asking yourself, "Am I dead and in Heaven? This cannot be real!" FUCK YOU THIS SHIT IS HAPPENING. Bring any comic and I will sign it. HOLY CRAP. I will shake your hand and talk to you about comic books. GOT DAMM. Will I do sketches? WHO KNOWS, MAYBE. I will have prints and cool stuff to sell to you. MAN GOTTA EAT. I might even stick around extra after the signing is over just to hang. I LIKE TO HANG.

So mark the date, friends, on your calendar as "The Day That Changed Everything."

Hack/Slash cover

What up, thug? I recently drew a cover for Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash and I believe it will be an alternate cover for issue #6. Since they've already posted the cover in an article on CBR, I'm gonna go ahead and post the process behind it here. Whee!




Colors! I wish I could color stuff more often cause its really fun, but flatting is super tedious and time consuming and I didn't have time or money to get someone else to do it.