Wrecks Pload

Finally finished the first issue of Rex Splode! And in just over two months! That's not good! I mean, well, I was purposely not cutting corners and making sure this was the most backgroundiest and best book I've done so far. Also getting the hang of drawing new characters always slows me down. So here's to issues 2 and 3 being finished in a reasonable amount of time! Aw yeah, I'm totally going to do the first page tomorrow. Not even taking a break. Breaks are for pussies.




So, I've gone back and tagged all my old posts so you can find whatever old whatsit you might want to look for. Anyway, I've been on a real sketchbook bender with these Batman villains. Refining and tweaking them and stuff. I'd really like to hear what your favorites are if you've got any, and which ones you don't like so much. I think I might put together a sketchbook of all the stuff once I get them to a place I'm satisfied with. So go ahead and hit the "Batman villains" tag to see all the old ones and let me know whats up. Thanks!