Krampus on Infinite Earths!

Little did I know that when I said I hoped Comics Alliance would have me back to draw a special feature for them, they actually would! What joy! This time Greatest Comics That Never Happened brings you "Krampus on Infinite Earths!" and its like the coolest drawing I ever seen in my whole life. I love Krampus so much. So obviously I would draw like 40 of them. Click that link and familiarize yourself with him if you are all like "lol wut." I feel it is safe to say you can see me doing more of these in the future! Uh. I mean Comics Alliance features, but I guess it also counts for Krampus. I will always draw the Krampus.

The original art for "Krampus on Infinite Earths" is available to purchase for $150 and if you are interested please send an inquiry to fetorpse*fart*gmail*poot*com!



"PROCRASTINATE, the stupid hair Pokemon, lures enemies in with mumble before confusing them. A ground type fighter, this flightless Pokemon will never quite take off. Expose PROCRASTINATE to a Doody Magnet to get his shit together and he will evolve into ASSASSINATE!"
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