Hey guys!

I have recently discovered that this excruciating pain and growing lump on my wrist is a ganglion cyst! I've had this pain for years but only recently has the lump appeared and the pain become so much of a problem, so I should probably have it drained. The only problem is that I can't really afford the procedure, however much they will gouge me for. So I am here to say, if you have ever wanted to buy a print, or some original art from any comic I've drawn, now would be a really great time. You can, of course, still purchase Hector Plasm prints on the sidebar to the right. If you don't have Paypal, we can make arrangements if you email me. Also, you can email to inquire about any pages you are interested in. My email address is fetorpse@gmail.com
How do I drained cyst???
Thanks a bunch, dudes and dudettes!