Krampus on Infinite Earths!

Little did I know that when I said I hoped Comics Alliance would have me back to draw a special feature for them, they actually would! What joy! This time Greatest Comics That Never Happened brings you "Krampus on Infinite Earths!" and its like the coolest drawing I ever seen in my whole life. I love Krampus so much. So obviously I would draw like 40 of them. Click that link and familiarize yourself with him if you are all like "lol wut." I feel it is safe to say you can see me doing more of these in the future! Uh. I mean Comics Alliance features, but I guess it also counts for Krampus. I will always draw the Krampus.

The original art for "Krampus on Infinite Earths" is available to purchase for $150 and if you are interested please send an inquiry to fetorpse*fart*gmail*poot*com!



"PROCRASTINATE, the stupid hair Pokemon, lures enemies in with mumble before confusing them. A ground type fighter, this flightless Pokemon will never quite take off. Expose PROCRASTINATE to a Doody Magnet to get his shit together and he will evolve into ASSASSINATE!"
See a bunch of better proper ones here http://portraitdex.tumblr.com/



Kinda obsessed with this guy now.




Galacula thirsts!

I just did a super awesome peice for a special Halloween edition of Comics Alliance's feature Greatest Comics That Never Happened with Chris Sims. This is like the coolest drawing I ever seen in my whole life. Check out the article here! This was such a blast to do, I hope they have me back again sometime.

The original art for "Galacula Thirsts" is available to purchase for $150 and if anyone is interested then you should shoot a message to fetorpse*fart*gmail*fart*com. SOLD


Happy Hectorween!

Good day to you, laddies and ladettes! Here above these words you can scope out a neat Hector Plasm print! The first ever! Have you been bonering for a print or something? Cause I have heard your boners and look what it has wrought. Anyway, there are 200 of these puppies, and they are on cardstock and are super slick and glossy and shiny and smooth to touch on. They are available for purchase! Woah! If you want to make sure you get yours before Halloween, you should totally act now so that I can ship it out early in the week. You can find a button to get you one right over here ----> on the sidebar to your right, right under my ugly, stupid face. It will be up there until they are all gone! Also there is a button right here! WOAH.

Hector Plasm 2010 Halloween Print
-Drawn by Nate, colored by Jacob
- Signed and numbered
- 11 x 17
- Glossy cardstock
- Suitable for bragging
$5 Shipping and fondling

I hope you guys like it, and I hope you all have a good ass Halloween and do costumes and pumpkins and worship Satan.



New book

Haven't had any new sketches lately so here is the teaser pinup for the new book I am arting. Colors by the inimitable Jacob Baake. This was in the Image Comics SDCC '10 Yearbook.





Just a reminder to everyone that I still am selling pages from Loaded Bible, Atom Eve, Brit, and Rex Splode (sorry, no Hector) if anyone is interested. Just send a message along down to fetorpse on old gmail street about any pages you'd want and I'll let you know if its available. *Spoiler alert* Basically all of them are available.




Hey cats and kittens, todays bletch is Negamorpho, a character created by Benito Cereno in the 22 page Metamorpho script he wrote as a gift to me for my birthday. Click here to read the whole hilarious and awesome thing over on his blog. I promise you it is worth it!











One day, this character will knock the crap out your butt. For now, your crap remains safe and sound.







Okay, I'm finally sick of drawing Metamorpho and Metamorpho characters. Just sick of them in general, really!



WOW, I am a goddamn liar.



Okay, this is my last Metamorpho sketch. I promise.



Remember that one time Metamorpho shot lasers from an electric guitar made by a 13-year-old at a space mutant named Thunderer? I do!












Business Time Invincible is back. Because its Business Time. Also because the other one was quite shittay.



Thanks to Cory for slapping the colors on this one for me.



Ohm de reechest beech wid de nossest oss.


What?! Is this my first sketch of Invincible ever on this blog? Wow, and he's not even regular looking.