New book

Haven't had any new sketches lately so here is the teaser pinup for the new book I am arting. Colors by the inimitable Jacob Baake. This was in the Image Comics SDCC '10 Yearbook.





Just a reminder to everyone that I still am selling pages from Loaded Bible, Atom Eve, Brit, and Rex Splode (sorry, no Hector) if anyone is interested. Just send a message along down to fetorpse on old gmail street about any pages you'd want and I'll let you know if its available. *Spoiler alert* Basically all of them are available.




Hey cats and kittens, todays bletch is Negamorpho, a character created by Benito Cereno in the 22 page Metamorpho script he wrote as a gift to me for my birthday. Click here to read the whole hilarious and awesome thing over on his blog. I promise you it is worth it!