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Hey everybody have you heard the news?!

I'm going to be at the Ballmurr (Baltimore) Comicon next weekend!

I'll be set up at a table at in the Image Comics area (as far as I know) and I will be selling books! I'll have the collected ATOM EVE mini-series, BRIT trades, and HECTOR PLASM: TOTENTANZ. I'll also probably have sketches to sell as well. It'll be an adventure! Hurray!

This is roughly where my table will be.


Good enough to eat?!


Hector Plasm: Totentanz

This is the last week to place orders with your comics retailer for Hector Plasm: Totentanz before they put in their Previews order for October (in fact, orders may be due tomorrow), so write, call or visit your LCS to let them know you want a copy!


This is not to say that they can't still order it after this; they should be able to do an order increase any time up until the week before the book ships and still get the book the day it comes out. If you haven't asked for one by now, you still have time, but don't wait!

And DEFINITELY don't assume you'll be able to just waltz in and pick one up off the shelf! In fact, you should assume the opposite. ASK your local retailer for a copy if you want one! It takes about thirty seconds to place an order on Diamond's website. Less. Make sure you ask for one if you want one! Your retailer can look up and order the book by name, but it is also available with the Diamond order code AUG090299.

In the meantime, here is an interview with Benito on ComicMonsters.com.


Here is an older interview from last year (when the book was originally solicited, ahhh, remember the good ol' days?) that probably says the same thing but with a plethora of preview pages!

And another from Newsarama!

Also, BRIT vol. 3: F.U.B.A.R. came out recently and I failed to alert the likes of you fellas and fellettes. I hope you checked it out, its a great way to have all the issues stuck together for ease of carrying and keeping track of.

It's come to my attention that the collection of the Atom Eve mini-series is shipping as soon as next week. This is prime time for Johnny and Janie Come-Lately's looking to scoop up some hot mess by me! Also, don't forget that you can buy basically EVVVVERRRYY page in both of those collections if you wanted! Ah its the future and magic is all over the damn place!


Kicking ass and taking commissions and selling pages... and I'm, uh. Out of bubblegum?

Howdy guys,

Just want to give you guys over here in Bletchskog land that I'm finally for the first time in a millions of years taking commissions. I'll only be doing a handful for the present, and will be taking more once those are taken care of, so if you want something now its first come, first served! Run, don't walk! Trample the bodies of the slow and feeble!

I am also looking to sell the SHEEYIT out of some original artwork pagey pages, so those are available if you're interested too.

Hop over to this livejournal entry for a lot more details, include a full list of page prices and my email contact.

Sic semper emptor! Or something!



So I realize I haven't been posting much lately. It's not because I have nothing to post, its just that most of my sketches end up being on loose scraps of paper or in script margins and stuff. To remedy the situation, here is most of what I've found around my desk from the past few months!

Choke on it! I mean, enjoy!


Seeing Doubles

Here's the lineart for the cover of Invincible presents: Atom Eve collected. I can't believe I forgot to post it!

And here is... something else.


Wrecks Pload

Finally finished the first issue of Rex Splode! And in just over two months! That's not good! I mean, well, I was purposely not cutting corners and making sure this was the most backgroundiest and best book I've done so far. Also getting the hang of drawing new characters always slows me down. So here's to issues 2 and 3 being finished in a reasonable amount of time! Aw yeah, I'm totally going to do the first page tomorrow. Not even taking a break. Breaks are for pussies.




So, I've gone back and tagged all my old posts so you can find whatever old whatsit you might want to look for. Anyway, I've been on a real sketchbook bender with these Batman villains. Refining and tweaking them and stuff. I'd really like to hear what your favorites are if you've got any, and which ones you don't like so much. I think I might put together a sketchbook of all the stuff once I get them to a place I'm satisfied with. So go ahead and hit the "Batman villains" tag to see all the old ones and let me know whats up. Thanks!





So this past weekend I attended the Reverie thingy hosted by Massive Black and Conceptart.org. And heeeeeere are some drawrings I did at it.



Colonel Gentleman's penis courtesy of Cory Walker.













Here's a fart I just farted out messing around. I think I might have leveled up at drawing faces recently.



I hate Norman Osborne and I hate Green Goblin. I think he's one of the worst villains in comic history and Spider-Man has suffered for it.

Anyway. This is my Green Goblin, inspired by the work of Camille Rose Garcia (IRL and in-continuity I suppose).



I got one of those brushes Cory has. :/



Wubba wubba!



I am straight-up comics-gay for Brandon Graham.



Couldn't not draw it.








So, this is the end of our little journey here, I've run out of alternate universe characters so I'm finishing out with a character I designed even though he wasn't in the script and I could only hope for a scene to stick him in the background of. Why, its only Robot, leader and mastermind of the Underground resistance! In this reality, dealing with none of the nonsense regarding using Rex Splode's genes to get into Monster Girl's jeans (ziing!), Robot is still in his original body (which I like to call Zit-Pig Robot). But due to the need for ambulation in the hard times he's living, he's fitted his life support tank inside the torso of a Robot automaton. Neat!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little insight to the kind of work that I put into stuff sometimes that no one would ever know about. Tomorrow we'll be back to me just drawing whatever I feel like! Yeah!



Having a bad week and its only Tuesday.

Here is Monstrous Girl. This version of Monster Girl has used her powers so much that she has become a brainless gargantuan ogre--permanently. Nothing more than a savage beast, she has been brutalized into subservience by her master, Atom Shiva.

Beyond making her a twisted far-gone version of Monster Girl, I wanted to visually convey that she is only a dumb animal in her appearance since she appears only so briefly. Though some of the scars she's covered in are from past battles, the majority are from Shiva. I tried to show this in the panel where Atom Shiva addresses Monstrous Girl and her reaction is recoiling in fear. Probably too subtle, but eh. Oh, also, since the fight isn't shown "on screen," she was defeated by Wolf-Man and Britney teaming up to brain her with her own massive club (it would be too heavy for one of them).



These guys are seen a couple times in the Underground hospital in the background, though I guess they would technically include the Robot gauntlet Susan wears when she first shows up. They're the Robot Droids. They serve as the workforce backbone of the resistance. In this reality, Robot has programmed the numerous cobbled together frames so that they can act independently of his control. They usually preform menial tasks and labor too dangerous for rebels, and sometimes specialized jobs where qualified staff is lacking, like serving as a medic. Basically if I had been able to draw more of the behind the scenes of the resistance, you'd have seen a lot more of these guys around.

For their look I wanted them to look bare-bones. Materials are scarce, so they were either built from scraps of other robots or have been stripped down to their essential parts. They all have Robot faceplates though, as if they could have taken any used up robot and stick the faceplate on it.


Continuing on in the series, sort of! This is Platadoom, who I had no part in actually designing or anything. He appears in the Emperor's throne room, but only as a reference to his appearance in Brit #4. So technically, yeah, he is an alternate universe character, but I am mostly posting him to bring attention to what I think is the funniest joke from the series that I'm sure went completely unnoticed.

In Brit #4, mercenary-or-something Bent Franklin fights his way through an armada of jetpack mounted hammerhead sharks and buzzsaw brained monkey borgs to destroy the giant Platadoom. It instead turns out to be just another Platadoombot. A villainous giant monotreme is funny enough but that wasn't even Platadoom. It was his decoy and he's off in some lair cackling about how they'll never get him. Amazing.



Continuing with our series, this character is only seen in one panel ripping off a Geldarian's arms. He is Darkblood, parallel to Damien Darkblood. The main difference here is that instead of being inspired by and taking up the work of a 30s pulp detective, he takes up the mantle of a 30s pulp superhero. The idea that Damien Darkblood's face coloration is repeated in markings over his body is totally something I invented, so its not like that's what he truly looks like as far as anyone is really concerned. His cape is made from the hide of some kind of Hell beast as are his leather pants. I figured he's sort of like Etrigan except less magicky and overly aggressive.


I'm going to try a little something different called, "Doing more work than you have to that no one is ever going to notice so that its harder for yourself and it takes longer than it should." Speaking mostly about the alternate-universe versions of Invincible characters as they appeared in Brit 10. They only appeared three or four times, mostly less, but I went ahead and designed them taking into account a whole backstory based on specific points-of-divergence from what readers know about them from normal Invincible continuity.

This character is Hex Splode, the parallel to Rex Splode, but you know, evil. His backstory, for reasons to be revealed in the Rex Splode miniseries, has more to do with Atom Shiva's and I won't get into them for obvious reasons. But since I've already posted Atom Shiva, I'll tell you about her for free. Uh, spoilers for the Atom Eve mini and Brit series if you haven't read them.

In this continuity, Eve's creator, Dr. Brandyworth, is caught by Director Stephenson and thrown into jail. Since he fails to make numerous appearances to Eve throughout her life, a subtle connection to him does not develop. When he finally manages to escape and find her, he leads his superiors right to her and they're both caught. When Brandyworth, as a complete stranger, is murdered in front of her she does not experience the temporary release of her full power and her mind is wiped. She is then trained for her original purpose, GDA's deadliest living weapon. She takes on the name of the goddess Shiva, whose opened third eye will destroy the world. Though amoral and ruthless, she is not evil and works dutifully alongside other GDA agents Donald Ferguson, Brit and Britney. Surviving the Geldarian War, she takes her spot at the Emperor's side as one of his most reliable enforcers.

But getting back to Hex Splode, I explained to Rex Splode mini-series writer, Benito Cereno, my idea and asked him for suggestions for how an evil Rex would look, because at the time I was kind of clueless. He said something like "Nazi Rocketeer" so I went on that. I put him in black leather even though I was worried it wouldn't relate to the original without the colors and popped his collar to resemble the collar on his original costume. Lose the cowl and slap on some WW2 Nazi goggles and then you've got a Hex Splode!

AKA tl;dr lol






Hi guys, last weekend I got sick and since then I've been trying to make up for lost time finally finishing Hector Plasm: Totentanz, so I haven't had time to post my sketches. Sorry about going missing like that, hope these'll make up for it.






I guess I should have posted this earlier, but my/the last issue of Brit came out today. It was a blast to draw and I hope those of you who were reading it enjoyed it as much as I did. This is Euclid, Brit's nemesis. When I first designed him I thought of him as dressing like this, just looking like someone's grampa, but he needed to wear a science villain getup in the issue. Maybe someday.