Hector Plasm: Totentanz

This is the last week to place orders with your comics retailer for Hector Plasm: Totentanz before they put in their Previews order for October (in fact, orders may be due tomorrow), so write, call or visit your LCS to let them know you want a copy!


This is not to say that they can't still order it after this; they should be able to do an order increase any time up until the week before the book ships and still get the book the day it comes out. If you haven't asked for one by now, you still have time, but don't wait!

And DEFINITELY don't assume you'll be able to just waltz in and pick one up off the shelf! In fact, you should assume the opposite. ASK your local retailer for a copy if you want one! It takes about thirty seconds to place an order on Diamond's website. Less. Make sure you ask for one if you want one! Your retailer can look up and order the book by name, but it is also available with the Diamond order code AUG090299.

In the meantime, here is an interview with Benito on ComicMonsters.com.


Here is an older interview from last year (when the book was originally solicited, ahhh, remember the good ol' days?) that probably says the same thing but with a plethora of preview pages!

And another from Newsarama!

Also, BRIT vol. 3: F.U.B.A.R. came out recently and I failed to alert the likes of you fellas and fellettes. I hope you checked it out, its a great way to have all the issues stuck together for ease of carrying and keeping track of.

It's come to my attention that the collection of the Atom Eve mini-series is shipping as soon as next week. This is prime time for Johnny and Janie Come-Lately's looking to scoop up some hot mess by me! Also, don't forget that you can buy basically EVVVVERRRYY page in both of those collections if you wanted! Ah its the future and magic is all over the damn place!


Kicking ass and taking commissions and selling pages... and I'm, uh. Out of bubblegum?

Howdy guys,

Just want to give you guys over here in Bletchskog land that I'm finally for the first time in a millions of years taking commissions. I'll only be doing a handful for the present, and will be taking more once those are taken care of, so if you want something now its first come, first served! Run, don't walk! Trample the bodies of the slow and feeble!

I am also looking to sell the SHEEYIT out of some original artwork pagey pages, so those are available if you're interested too.

Hop over to this livejournal entry for a lot more details, include a full list of page prices and my email contact.

Sic semper emptor! Or something!