Moving sale!

Hey guys I am back to bug you again!

I am moving cross-country in two weeks and I am trying to drum up some extra money by selling stuff because moving is way expensive!

So here is this cover I drew for Hack/Slash #5 and I am selling it.

And as usual, all of my old original art is available for purchase. Check this post for pages that are still collecting dust from Atom Eve, Rex Splode, and Brit. If you want to get several pages, I am willing to cut deals. I ain't above haggling! I don't have time to dig up jpgs of every page in every comic I drew, so if you kinda know what page you want but don't know what page NUMBER it is, thats fine.

Don't forget about prints, which you can scoop up on my Big Cartel page shop store.

If you don't have the clams to spend on stuff right now, I understand. We're cool! But please help a fella out and spread the word, please retweet, reblog, repost, share, like, fart, burp whatever you have to do. I would really appreciate it. There might be some Hack/Slash fan out there hankering for this cover, who knows!

You guys are awesome and I love youse.

Ack ack ack ack ack!

Acme Superstore held a Mars Attacks event earlier this month and asked me to contribute some sketch cards and I was psyched to oblige. I had somehow forgotten just how much I loved Mars Attacks, and just drawing lots of gory stuff in general, when I was a kid.

Also, an update on prints if anyone is looking to buy them. You will now find the sidebar bare of all but one paypal button. Click through to my shop to find all my available prints. They took care of the pesky multiple shipping costs and all that stuff, so it should be easier for everyone. Cool.



Hooray! Look here are my cool dude prints, and on the right side of this blog page are the buttons you need to smash on if you want to get some of them for whatever reason you may have!

Here are some important details.

Two Face: 11x8.5 inches, non-glossy, run of 200
X-Ladies: 11x8.5 inches, yes-glossy, run of 100

These are what remains of those sold at SDCBC this year. Both are suitable for framing or keeping condensation from your drink glasses from getting on the nice finish of the tables in your house! If you would like to order more than one print, please do so by making separate orders through button smashes. Your orders will come in and I will see that some dude at the same address and name as another dude ordered another print and I will refund you the shipping cost that you have been doubly slammed with.


Final SDCBC post

Check it out here is a nice fancy expertly made informational graphics to help out anybody trying to get all up in my business this year at San Diego Comicbook Con. It also applies to the fantastic Cory Walker, except for all of the parts below the part where it shows you where we are.

Hipster X-Ladies

Well! Guess what, cool print news is here again because there is another cool print for you to get if you wanted it. I have smashed all of the hipster X-Men women into one print to assure that if you hate any one of them in particular you are forced to face that fact every day for the rest of your life! The print is 8.5x11 on regular old non-glossy paper.


Odds Even

Well I guess it is safe to go ahead and announce this little biddy Two-Face print I will be selling at SDCBC this week. They are 11x8.5 inches on nice glossy paper and I will sign them for you and everything! Whatever I bring home from the con will be available to everyone else on Earth to buy online. Hooray!


Its almost time!
Image Comics Island.
Booth 2729.



Hey girls! It turns out everyone's favorite cool guy is gonna be at San Diego Comic Book Con! Thats right, Cory Walker is gonna be right there at SDCBC and sitting at the same table as him is gonna be me, lil' ol' Nate. I guess you already know for sure whether or not you are going to SDCBC so hearing that I'm going has no effect on anyone's life I guess. But if you already are going to go there and are the sort of person who has some misguided predilection for me and my work you will be pleased to know that I am gonna have like stuff to sell to you and will do sketches and the whole tamale. Details on special stuff will be coming up soon!