Request: Doctor Orpheus

A one Brian Dorfman scratched a name in blood on a parchment which he then cast into the sultry flames of a burning coffin at the stroke of midnight on a Tuesday! This name was communed to me by the spirit of a motorcycle mechanic who died of diabetes, and this name was that of DOCTOR ORPHEUS, NECROMANCER OF THE ORDER OF THE TRIAD.

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Request: Elongated Man

Here is the stretchiest detective in town, Elongated Man, at Michael Solko's request. He was pretty cool to draw.

So, I know what you are thinking, you're thinking whoa how do I, a simple farmer, get a fancy big shot artist, who lives in a house with running water and the like, to draw a thing I decide? The answer couldn't be simpler! Check out these simple rules and have at the button on the sidebar!

Request: Thanos

Here is an awesome request from Jean-Paul Dorigo, Thanos walking a Dachshund. Hope you like it, JP! Can I call you JP?

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Request: Barracuda

Hey! I am back with some more requests. Sorry for being away, I was cranking out some pages something fierce. But now I am back and here we go! Rian Miller requested Barracuda from Punisher MAX, probably the best villain Punisher ever had as far as being a legitimate threat. He is the best.

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