It has been announced that my hetero butt partner Benito Cereno is co-writing a Guardians of the Globe miniseries with Robert Kirkman! It will be drawn by Ransom Getty, not me. I am working on a different superhero comic book. It is in very capable and talented hands, and you can find a link to his blog over here -> in case you are worried. This week they are revealing five members of the team via teaser images on superior comic news outlet, Comicbook Resources! Booyakasha!



I always loved the Joker with a shaved head. Totally rad. Also HOLY SHIT, this movie has been out for TEN YEARS?!




There is no such thing as a "guilty" pleasure.


At this point I'm not sure if I like B.P.R.D. more than Hellboy. I am so on the fence, for serious.




I'm back!



Bad news gang. Tomorrow I have to take off for home due to a family emergency type thing and I'll be gone the whole week. I'll keep up the sketches and post them all on Sunday after I get home. Until then, be good to each other (fondling and tickling specifically).






Sigh. Goddammit. Sorry, I'll make up for it.








I think Scott Kurtz is a pretty cool guy. eh makes me luagh and doesnt afraid of anything



The other night I had a dream where someone had made at Hector Plasm movie that was aimed at Twihards and Supernatural fangirls. It was as much an adaptation as the Dragonball movie was and it starred Elijah Wood as Hector. It looked a little bit like this.






Sorry Marlo looks like shit. But come on, that dude has a weird face, I tried drawing it a hunnert times.