Business Time Invincible is back. Because its Business Time. Also because the other one was quite shittay.



Thanks to Cory for slapping the colors on this one for me.



Ohm de reechest beech wid de nossest oss.


What?! Is this my first sketch of Invincible ever on this blog? Wow, and he's not even regular looking.








Some days you just feel like drawing a monster eating an iced cream.



I was just kidding, LADPOLE is way better than Enorman.



Cory has posted his character, and now it is my turn! Second best to Ostrichard, I present ENORMAN!



Hey guys. A lot of stuff has happened since I last made a sketch post. I moved to a new apartment, a friend passed away, I found a girl what likes me, and got strep throat. So instead of trying to catch back up with missed sketches, I'm just going to pick up where I left off. Deal? Deal! Here is my favorite new superhero, Ostrichard. He was just a normal guy until he wasn't. See you back here tomorrow, kids.