Request: Gilly and Otis

I kinda took a break from the request list so I could catch up on work, and yesterday I plopped out a whole page in one sitting and figure I can get back to these. Sorry for the lapse, but here we go again. This request here is from my awesome friend Laney Wunderli, of her two dogs Gilly and Otis. Otis was recently arrested for accidentally murdering three chickens. Whoops!

Hey, if you want to make a request of your own, the button is on the right side of the page, and some useful guidelines in NAQ form (never asked questions) can be found here, but I am gonna be honest guys, I still have a bit of a list to work through at this point, so I am probably gonna stop mentioning this stuff until I get caught back up, and then you guys can fill the list back up again. BUT if you want to put your request in now, I'm not gonna stop you. Gopher it!

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Mark Kardwell said...

I love this 'cus the foreground dog reminds me of my cousin's, Maisy. And 'cus it kinda has something of a Ben Caldwell thing goin' on.